What is SSL

IMG_7353Internet is growing with scam and at the same time it is also going rapidly in terms of good things as well. Internet scam cannot be stopped and even imagining that is not possible, however it is possible to prevent it. A secure link must be provided to the user so that they can confidently work on some sensitive issues like money transfer, forex trade etc


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the technology which is implemented in these days to prevent online scam. It creates an encrypted link between a server and a browser. These certificates are widely being used by financial websites, e-commerce market places and in many.


how ssl works

This works in a simple peer processing method. When you go to a secure page your browser automatically connects itself to the SSL server which in turn asks the server for Digital Certificate of Authority (CA). This certificate is the authority of proof; it identifies the server and makes sure that the user requesting i.e. you will not scam the site. Another job of the browser is to match the name on the CA with the domain name. CA must have been generated from an authorized authority with a proper digital signature if this is not the case then the connection will end. You will receive a pop up window with the error message that occurred and if you still proceed after this level then it is going to be at your own risk.


After all the process gets over a proper “handshake” takes place between the server and browser which in turn indicate the user i.e. you. A proper encryption takes place once all the process gets over.


How to find a SSP page?

You can normally see a web address starting with http:// which is nothing but hyper text transfer protocol but when you navigate to a SSL page you can see the http:// changed to https://. Here S is nothing but secure. There are some sites which provide a lock symbol in the address bar. Customers believe that this symbol is more secure than ordinary URLs without this symbol but there is nothing like that. It all depends on the SSL provider.



Though there are many advantages in using SSL, one main advantage is the secure online transactions. It provides a safety to data and avoids the information theft as well. Providers can feel their customers secure with this kind of certificates.


How to Get an SSL?

There are many certification authorities providing certificates for their users such as godaddy, dream host, namecheap and much more. There are also some small web hosting providers who are dealing with this kind of business. But it is always advised to get a certificate from a big players rather than a newbie as there is chance of scam even from the sellers. This type of secure dealing definitely requires 24/7 support as the customers can do transactions any time so make sure that the SSL provider company offers that.


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Understanding the Importance of SSL Certificates

office-625893_640The internet is now the medium that everyone wants a piece of. Whether it’s to find information at the touch of a button, open your business to the global market; buy almost anything you can think of or simply watch the latest pop video; more and more people are getting online and exploiting its benefits.
But with the increase in the use of the internet, there come the enviable increase in online fraud – with the millions of online hackers using more and more sophisticated means to obtain our personal information in a bid to steal our cash and our identities.The solution to this is an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are a digital certificate that is used as a security protocol on the Internet. When potential customers visit your website and make a purchase, their information is open to identity theft.

Identity theft is a major problem with thousands of people’s credit card details are stolen every year you must make sure that you protect your information and keep it personal. Online retailers have to do the same, and this is why all online retailers should have the SSL certificate to keep your personal information private between you and the online retailer.

How does an SSL certificate work?

They work by establishing a secure connection you can easily spot a safe connection on your website browser as you will see a HTTPS:// prefects in your address bar. SSL certificates are secret keys that are scrambled which make it impossible for a criminal to get hold of your personal information while you’re purchasing a product or service or stealing it from the website itself.

Will i use an SSL help my online business?

In a word yes and using an SSL will not only give your customers security while shopping but also piece of mind. If a customer knows that your website is safe, they will be more than happy to purchase from your website using their debit or credit card and won’t have a problem returning to buy more items or more services from your website.

Research has shown that customers are very wary about buying products online as there are so many horror stories in the media about identity theft and cyber crime, which is why it is so important that if you are an online retailer or business owner that you must clearly show you have a rapid SSL certificate, and you must be able to verify it.

There is no doubt that the internet has made our shopping habits easier and with thousands and thousands of e-commerce sites to choose you are not going to be spoilt for choice. However, that rapid development of e-commerce sites has also attracted very organised cyber criminal gangs.


It is very easy for a fake and fraudulent website to be set up and start imitating a business and taking orders and, of course, your personal details. Which highlights how important a Secure Sockets Layer is and how every legitimate website should ensure that they have an SSL certificate when they accept credit cards and collect personal information from you the customer.