police-30120_640Also known as the body-worn video, the police body camera is a video camera system used by police to record interactions with suspected offenders and for gathering video evidence.
There are many benefits of the body-worn video with the rise of police brutality as well as citizen misconduct. The camera has been adopted to promote citizen and police accountability as it records their entire interaction. This way, it combats police misconduct as well as helping citizens to believe in the systems put in place.
Instead of hearsay evidence which is inadmissible in court, the police body cameras provide substantial video evidence which can be used in court. It paints a clear picture of what happened in the interaction as it is easy to go back to the recording. It is very helpful in court processes, especially when dealing with complex situations.
It has aided the reduction of use of force by police which is an escalating problem in many countries. With the introduction of body cameras, there are reduced incidents of use of force in combating crime or arresting suspecting offenders. There also has been a significant drop in the cases of citizens reporting police for misconduct. With the cameras in place, the police and citizen have improved behavior as they know they are being watched.
Revising the video can help the police to self-evaluate in a bid to find better ways to handle a similar incident. It serves as a good motivator and learning opportunity for the police who may wish to handle the citizens better after watching themselves.
There are two sides of the debate with some supporting the introduction of the police body cameras and others disapproving of the idea. While some think that the pros outweigh the cons, others hold the view that the privacy concerns are significant thus it cannot be used for normal police rounds.
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